As we have seen, the cloud destroyed the position of computer systems analysts power within the company and created a new position of power, the cloud service provider, which held all the important information and not the client. But a new revolution was on the horizon: social networks. Starting from the technology of a computer site, before Facebook and other social networks built. What was it? The agricultural-bourgeois civilization had the countries, where they knew everyone, say one or two thousand people, and where there was no social control over behavior deemed compliant, such as the sexual freedom of a girl or special friendships. Industrial civilization of big cities put everyone in a position of not having friends, meet people in the elevator that barely greeted, play a fast-paced life. The key word “friends” was the key to success of Facebook, everyone could create a virtual court of friends to talk and exchange photographs and more. At this point more than a billion and a half people have put in the above social network important information about your private life, photographs, movies even incriminating, information about their classmates or university. This information, entered free, had a commercial value, not only to derive the password of a person. In parallel with the camera it had already been replaced by the digital camera, where there was no longer a film to impress, and the evolution of computers merged with the evolution of another everyday tool, the telephone. Born then the smart phone, the “smart-phgone” and its twin “i-phone”, where the phone functions already in possession of the computer, such as reading documents were added, the sending and reception of e-mail , and other functions, such as digital camera and the detection of the position with GPS. The GPS was born as a military technology, in fact, the first civilian version had a positioning accuracy, then in all versions position detection has become very accurate, so you know, from the analysis of the mobile network cell in which a phone is on, when and where a person has been in a certain place .. So you have a double individual’s control functionality, the social control of social-network and the technological leadership of the smart-phone. Added to this is the proliferation of cameras that record the passage of persons in certain particular places, such as banks, shops, and gradually all the places of a city. From a business perspective, however, as well as to use social networks as a marketing tool, it has presented the phenomenon of the dematerialization of documents and electronic storage, which in practice means to scan their documents and put them into a computer database must undertake and precise regulations. Sure to find a document in a paper archive, especially if large and poorly organized is a problem, but as the paper archive is at risk but rarely fire and theft, it is difficult to handle for the owner alone for the thief, l ‘ electronic archive becomes easy prey to evil-minded if they manage to violate computer security defenses. Returning to the sites will be affected by another phenomenon, that of cookies or pieces of software that are placed in the customer’s computer to know how the client reacted to a certain page of the site, which image is clicked, how long it was to gaze what nature has given to some beautiful girls and so on. This information is used to create advertising campaigns and even new products knowing the behavior of the person, even the most intimate. And so this information have a huge economic value, and are sold and dearly. In Italy it has become mandatory for each site to warn that use cookies, but it is clearly a joke: if you enter a site is because you need it, or for business or leisure, and you can not help but accept. In spite of yourself. These technologies also have a political dimension, it is possible to determine the political orientation of a person, it is to figure out if you are on their side, and then with further information on its activities, whether it is identified as “adversary” or “enemy” who wish all the misfortunes. Despite the passage of almost three thousand years, we are still episodes, technologically advanced, as described in the Bible that the houses of the “enemies” were marked with a red sign or when, in a dark period of the recent past, many people had to walk the streets with a six-pointed star sewn on his jacket. What happened next is well known.